Wellness Consultation

 $95.00 for 1 1/2 hours

(Including Biofeedback, Tongue/Nail Analysis and Iridology)

Biofeedback / Healy


Healing Ultrasound

$1.00 per minute

Infrared Sauna

$30.00 for 30 minutes

(see "Specials" tab for current Detox Program)

Fat Freeze

$150.00 per application/zone

(Includes Zazz Machine)

RF Cavitation

$1.00 per minute

Bach Flowers

$25.00 per bottle

Ionic Foot Bath

$20.00 - 30 Minutes



 Shelly's and/or Shela's Page for pricing



 Shelly's and/or Shela's page for pricing

Esthetician Services

Including Chemical Peel

Micro Needling

Waxing  & Microdermabrasion

See Shelly's and/or Shela's page for pricing

Permanent Makeup

See Shela's page for pricing

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