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Nicholl Jensen LMT

For an appointment please call or text (720)220-0823

DDS Bio Electric Massage is a pain-free healing alternative which generates a low electrical current penetrating into the body that stimulates and increases connection and flow through the body’s meridians. Clearing the pathways of toxins creating space for blood circulation, Increasing the flow, which Increases oxygen, eliminating carbon dioxide. Activating nerves and muscles, energizing the cells improving the overall health of the cells to rebuild. Balancing Acid-Alkaline in body while improving our immune system. For a whole body approach. 

60 minutes - $95.00
90 minutes - $140.00
2 hours - $190.00

Ashiastu Massage:
60 minutes - $95.00
90 minutes - $140.00
2 hours - $190.00

DDS Bio Electric Therapy and Bodywork - 30 minutes - $65.00

DDS Bio Electric Therapy and Bodywork - 60 minutes - $95.00


Ashiatsu is a pain free deep tissue compression massage through the use of the therapist's feet. The deep compression stokes stimulate blood circulation and both the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous system. Resulting in relief of chronic pain by going deeper into the muscles layers. The therapist is able to sink deeper into the tissues, while being able to maintain deeper, slower, and more consistent compressive strokes. The effectiveness comes from treating all layers of the tissue. The phenomenal experience of Ashiatsu massage can take you to a different dimension, a deeper state of relaxation.

Ricala Wenzel

Licensed Esthetician

DMK Distributor


Call for pricing or to book a session (303) 847-2199

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